The Makr Shakr

IMG_1233During nights of the 2013 Milan Design Week, this Mixer Lab was serving drinks. You got the chance to invent and mix your own drink, pay for it and send it through your phone. When your name (or picture) showed up on the big screen the robot arms would mix your drink and hand it to you. It was pretty exciting to watch these arms shake, mix, and pour your drink

P1050203P1050209P1050219P1050205P1050229The Shakr Makr is fun but it is also changing the way people interact with products and services.


Milano Italia


IMG_1268I had the opportunity to visit Yradia studio which is part of the Design Group Italia. Yradia works on some pretty innovative ways of displaying light and emotion through installations

P1050154The north end of la Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is lined up to the statue of Leonardo Da Vinci. I have always been fascinated with the work and the life of Leonardo, and I was very excited to be in this city where Leonardo lived and worked for most of his life.P1060096


Happy Mother’s Day

This year was the first time not spending mother’s day with my mom or family. I was traveling to NYC for work and I was still trying to send a card out to my mother. In Latin America mother’s day is always on May 10th so I was trying to send her something by the 10th. I was searching for a card in the city that my mother would like and I couldn’t find anything with the limited amount of time that we had. So I decided to make her one, and luckily I had a new Bamboo stylus pen with double tip a friend had given me before the trip, and I was anxious to try it out. I started sketching out ideas on the go. My first attempt was something NYC related and I thought about the NYC skyline.

P1060104I didn’t really think she would like it much but I knew she would understand. I felt I was just meeting the deadline. I sent her the card to her phone and still called to talk in person. I love the fact my mom is becoming a little more high-tech now because it makes communicating with her much easier when I’m traveling.

On the plane I still didn’t feel very satisfied with the design of the card so I drew a few sketches. This is where I think the stylus pen with the double tip was really useful. I could quickly switch from pen tip to stylus tip on a sticky note without having to juggle multiple pens on the plane. I could try multiple ideas much faster on a sticky note than on the tablet.

I’m from a small agricultural town in Oregon where the cherry season will soon start and the valley has been covered in beautiful cherry blossoms. I remembered my mother loves this time of year and also loves the beautiful cherry blossoms. I captured a quick sketch on a sticky note and decided to create a new card when I got home.

This is the card I sent out to her today, and I think it’s one she will appreciate much more.IMG_0005 Happy Mother’s Day.

When Night Falls on Manhattan

IMG_1845IMG_1802IMG_1803IMG_1812IMG_1831IMG_1832IMG_1835IMG_1843One of the most inspirational things to see in life is night falling on Manhattan. The view and the feeling are amazing. At night, you get to see how big the city really is. You can’t see the edge of the city, and it feels like it wraps around the entire world. Being on top of the Empire State Building makes you feel big and small at the same time. This is an incredible view everyone should see at some point of his or her life.

A Visit to Reebok – Canton Massachusetts, Learning about the Reebok Story

A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Reebok North America; in my visit I learned a lot about Reebok’s history and potential.IMG_2296Reebok has seriously gone after the CrossFit market and sport, and it was exciting to see the workout center where some of the product gets tested.IMG_2294IMG_2297IMG_2302IMG_2315

In all the buildings there are a lot of great architecture, what I really liked was how the track weaves in and out of the buildings.IMG_2322

Another nice feature is how the main entrance has a little round island where the car or shuttle pulls up to a small bridge entrance to the building.IMG_2300

It’s common to see workout spaces in the middle of hallways or center of buildings.IMG_2305

A nice history wall showing Reebok from the very beginning.IMG_2306

I had no idea that Reebok is a gazelle, now I see where the brand got it’s name. Here Reebok has a great opportunity to tell more of the brand’s story and heritage through the inspiration of the animal and the founders that brought the brand to the US.IMG_2308

The brand started with a running shoe, I had no idea. Now running is something the brand doesn’t do very much of. It’s a bit sad to see a brand go away from it’s origins. Here is another opportunity to tell an inspirational story to the consumer.IMG_2309

I remember 20 year ago watching the US Olympic team wear the Reebok jumpsuit. It was an iconic image to see Michael Jordan and the team wear this suit.IMG_2310 Reebok was all about innovation like this classic pump, now it’s hard to tell what innovation really is.IMG_2311IMG_2312IMG_2478

Reebok was very welcoming in my visit and tour of their facilities and design space, and very generous with this thank you gift. Overall, Reebok is making steps to define their brand image and direction, but it still has great potential in telling the consumer a great story if they revive their heritage. At least in the West Coast, their brand story gets lost among the other footwear giants.

A Visit to the Hayden Planetarium

I had always wanted to experience the Hayden Planetarium and the Hayden Sphere ever since becoming a fan of Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. The Hayden Planetarium has a beautiful architectural structure that gives you the impression you are in the middle of a space station.

A Beautiful and Elegant Display of Men’s Razors by eShave

I found this display of men’s razors in NYC and found them to be very beautiful and elegant.

BOA Technology Tech Guide

I’m working on a new prototype thanks to this little gift from BOA Technology, now I have plenty of eyelet guides and gillies to create an awesome lacing system.

Pensoleography / Adidas Footwear Design Academy

Adidas US headquarters, Portland Or.

Ait; Adidas Innovation Team

2008 Olympic Sprint Spike worn by Jeremy Wariner.

A quick reference guide in case you forgot your shoe sections.

ZCorp, Starch 3D printing from the sample room

The tiniest adidas shoes I’ve ever seen; about the size of a quarter.

The evolution of my tape study models

These last few weeks, I had the chance to participate in an Adidas master footwear design course. Receiving feedback from adidas footwear designers was an incredible experience. Here is a quick view of the process and one version of the final. I will go more in detail on my portfolio piece.

360 Ventilation – Adidas Climacool Seduction

I picked this pair of sneakers for summer running and these are the reasons why it has become my preferred choice on hot days. I can feel the air going through my toes; no hot sweaty feet anymore.