Born to Run – Mexico’s super atheletes and ultra-runners

The worlds greatest super atheletes and ultra-runners live in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. Running on huaraches made out of tire treads and leather, in this book the Tarahumara tribe show us that everything we know about running is wrong. For centuries the Tarahumara indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyons have practiced techniques that allow them to run for hundreds of miles while enjoying every inch of it. Their way of life and serenity matched with great health has left them immune to modern diseases. This book is a great read that will inspire mind and spirit to realize the body’s athletic potential. The author, Christopher McDougal does a phenomenal job at taking the reader through the high-tech innovation of Harvard’s labs, to the dry deserts of Mexico to remind us that out of touch innovation can at times complicate normal functions. This book does an incredible job at reminding us to return to basics. It is full of amazing characters with incredible athletic potential, who at the end of the book are placed in the most important race of their lifetime. In the final race, the Tarahumara Indians are matched against a group of American untramarathoners racing through Mexico’s canyons, it is also a match of low technology against modern innovation. It’s rare to find a book that will inspire mind, spirit, and body, to discover that our true happiness lies within us in our abilities to live a simple life. In this book you will discover that happiness is at our feet waiting for us to take the path, that we were all made to live healthy lives, and we were all born to run.

Video from Outside Magazine:


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