SolidWorks RC Car – Ochoa Racing Team

Dream it, sketch it, print it; build it. When I was young I played with Hotwheels, when I grew older I built model cars with my brother. This project took me to another level. I got to put my imagination on paper, take my 2D sketches to 3D modeling software, print parts in plastic to test and make them fit. Designing a track car that displayed all the mechanisms and wires in a clean, organized way was challenging. After re-designing and building the suspension and chassis 3 times, I finally got it to fit the look of my sketches with the right proportions. This project taught me speed, accuracy, and confidence in SolidWorks; understanding the tolerances needed between parts and bodies that move and work together. But most importantly, it took me back in time when I used to build model cars with my brother.


2 thoughts on “SolidWorks RC Car – Ochoa Racing Team

    • Yes, especially if you are going to spend the hours learning the software and the money to build your product, you have to really love it. It is also important not to let the tools limit and change your design. It is better to stick with your sketches and find a creative way to build it or the right tool to use.

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