Nike Lunarglide+ 3, Product Review pt 1

I don’t always get excited about a shoe because of it’s fit, usually I talk about it’s design, but the Nike lunarglide+ 3 is a shoe worth talking about. When looking for a running shoe I’ve always had to choose between stability or cushioning. When I run I tend to pronate, so I always chose the stability option that attempted to correct pronation. Stability shoes have always been heavy, stiff, and over built, and it’s designs were complicated. Even though cushioning shoes were attractive because of their clean, simple design, I stayed away from cushioning shoes because they were too soft and didn’t support my foot. But the Lunarglide+ 3 has it all, cushioning, stability, and a sexy look.

The design is clean, minimal, and to the point, reducing any unnecessary layers of materials. The arch support wraps underneath the foot, goes through the side panels, and connects with the laces. This design better cradles your entire foot for a secure fit.

3. The heel clip locks down the heel in the right place, preventing it from sliding and slipping.

4. Extra foam is added to the medial side on the front of the shoe, stopping your foot from rolling inward as you finish your stride.

5 & 6. More of a harder density foam is added to the medial side of the heel, stopping your foot from moving in as it rolls through.

A big issue with the Nike Frees was on the midsole, the sipped midsole was very flexible to strengthen your feet, but it also picked up every piece of debris you stepped on. With the Lunarglide+ 3 midsole, the sipping is less making it more a one piece wedge of foam. In this design, the midsole doesn’t pick up debris, and you still have flexibility and control of your foot.

8. My first impression of the cushioning on the heel is that it is way too big, and the bright red brings a lot of attention to it. But once I slip my foot in, the cushioning feels really good and grips your achilles tendon really well. Your heel stays locked in place when you step.

9. The toe box is low but there are no pressure points around your toes when you take a step.

The Lunarglide+ 3 has cushioning, stability, and is lightweight, making it the right shoe for street running, now it’s time to run it through the test of durability around Portland. In the next three months I will take a close look at areas that are breaking down.


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