Happy Mother’s Day

This year was the first time not spending mother’s day with my mom or family. I was traveling to NYC for work and I was still trying to send a card out to my mother. In Latin America mother’s day is always on May 10th so I was trying to send her something by the 10th. I was searching for a card in the city that my mother would like and I couldn’t find anything with the limited amount of time that we had. So I decided to make her one, and luckily I had a new Bamboo stylus pen with double tip a friend had given me before the trip, and I was anxious to try it out. I started sketching out ideas on the go. My first attempt was something NYC related and I thought about the NYC skyline.

P1060104I didn’t really think she would like it much but I knew she would understand. I felt I was just meeting the deadline. I sent her the card to her phone and still called to talk in person. I love the fact my mom is becoming a little more high-tech now because it makes communicating with her much easier when I’m traveling.

On the plane I still didn’t feel very satisfied with the design of the card so I drew a few sketches. This is where I think the stylus pen with the double tip was really useful. I could quickly switch from pen tip to stylus tip on a sticky note without having to juggle multiple pens on the plane. I could try multiple ideas much faster on a sticky note than on the tablet.

I’m from a small agricultural town in Oregon where the cherry season will soon start and the valley has been covered in beautiful cherry blossoms. I remembered my mother loves this time of year and also loves the beautiful cherry blossoms. I captured a quick sketch on a sticky note and decided to create a new card when I got home.

This is the card I sent out to her today, and I think it’s one she will appreciate much more.IMG_0005 Happy Mother’s Day.


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